My professional scheme started in 1989, building my own STUDIO to gain more experience in PRODUCTION, COMPOSING and ENGINEERING.
Over the years I worked in various band or movie projects. I had the opportunity to be Soundengineer in the famous Live Club CONRAD SOHM in Austria, for Live Acts  like, Bootsy Collins, Triggerfinger, Maceo Parker, Galliano, apollo 440, Temptations, H.P. Zinker, Rasmus, for naming a few.

As a Recording or Mix Engineer, I had the pleasure to work with George Clinton, David Byrne, Big Country, WDR Bigband, The Syndicate, Paul Winter etc.
I hooked up for some years with famous composer JOE ZAWINUL, as his Monitor and FoH Engineer.
With PETER WOLF, I recorded and mixed Studioprojects like Scorpions, Cliff Richard, Coolio, Jennifer Paige, Vincenzo La Scola..and more.
And, I am still on tour with THE SYNDICATE (formally known as Joe Zawinul Syndicate) and MARTIN O. a famous swiss artist.


My musical career started in 1981 after watching the video of the song, One step beyond, by MADNESS.
With the inspiration of this group I founded my own band called THE NORMALS where I enthusiastically tried to play bass.
The band didn’t last long, but my mission in music continued, after buying a computer and some electronic devices.

A couples of years later, I discovered a new band D-SIRE,  where we got our first record deal and video, entering the playlist of SWISS DRS 3.
Our debut album success brought me to another level in the MUSIC INDUSTRY.


influenced by the people, who supported me over all these years